634 External Backlight Config...


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I currently have a reflective 2x16 LCD (generic - from old business telephone - wired to parallel port.

I want to upgrade to the Negative Backlit, (CFA634-YMC-KS) Yellow bright font so that I can see the display from across the room.

I will need to hook it up via serial port - but how do I get the backlight to work? From what I gather the serial port connection will not give you backlight control... Do you sell a connector? have a wiring diagram? Suggestions?

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CF Mark

The 634 is a serial LCD.

The backlight power is supplied by a separate cable to your PC which can be ordered with the LCD.

The backlight and contrast settings are set using commands over the serial port. Most software that supports the 634 will let you adjust them.

No wiring diagram needed. It couldnt be any easier to set up.

A small guide for setting up the 634 is here though:
USB LCD Displays - Graphic and Character LCDs with a Keypad