634 Erratic Progress bars


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I'm writing some code to display two progress bars on line 3 and 4 and the bar on line 3 shows erratic behavior in that it moves forward several pixels and then sits and then may draw one pixel the sit and then draw 6 more etc.

I captured the code form the 'Bar Graphs' demo to use as a template.

I monitored the values with the data sniffer and this is what my the code is sending to draw the graphs:

18 01, 60, 06, 19, 00, 02 <- line 3
18 01, 60, 06, 19, 00, 03 <- line 4

then some time later:

18 01, 60, 06, 19, 10, 02 <- line 3, lenght is now 10
18 01, 60, 06, 19, 03, 03 <- line 4, length is now 3

Also, if I comment out one of the progress bars the remaining one is smoooooth.

These commands are sent back-to-back if that matters and there is scrolling text on the first line and a numeric value being updated every second on line 2 of the display.

Compared to the 'bar graph' demo, I'm not making this unit break a sweat.

Please help!

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CF Support2

Although you are not pushing the module very hard, it does sound like there is a timing issue somewhere. Could you post your code for us to review? That way not only can we take a look, but our community here as well.

Thank you!