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Hi all, I am generally new to the world of LCD modules - although I do have experience with programming Epson EPOS equipment including display pods so I'm not unfamiliar with them.

I bought 2 634 modules from 'the bay' and am struggling to make any of the test applications work with it.

I'm using a straight through, 9-pin serial cable and when no applications are running connected to the display, on initial cable connection the display shows a boot screen for a few seconds and then switches to a flashing cursor. I am not using any external power at the moment (as for now I do not need it backlit).

My PC port settings are as follows:

and I've modified the jumper settings for the port speed on the back of the module to reflect the appropriate speed.

Whenever I start one of the test applications, the application appears to connect successfully to the module ... forcing the display to be cleared but I cannot make anything else appear on the display.

I've tried using WinTest and CrystalControl2 and both applications, and both displays exhibit the same behaviour. I've also tried using a slower port speed (9600)

Help! What do I need to be doing to get the display(s) showing something different using the test apps?
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The powering up and boot screen changing to just a blinking cursor is normal behavior of the CFA634.

What is sounds like is that one or more jumper on the module have been opened / closed from the base configuration. The jumpers are labeled:


You can find the location and function of these jumpers on page 29 of the CFA634 datasheet:


For standard operation, you will want the following configuration:

JPA - Open
JPB - Open
JPC - Open
JPD - Open
JPD - Open

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Something to check:

"Straight through" female-to-female DB-9 cables are not as common as the "null modem" ones. Are you sure pin 2 on one end goes to pin 2 on the other? A Radio Shack 26-152a will work (it is the same as our WR232Y01).


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Thanks for the reply. It was indeed an incorrect cable, I was using a Cisco router cable that I mis-understood to be a straight through cable.

It's all working perfectly now, thanks!