634 desn't react


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Last week I bought a 634 20x4 display, it was working fie up untill one moment. The display does not react to any of the commands. What can I check or how can I do to get the display working again.

It's a SKD204-634 V2.2
The backlight is burning
The cables are checked
I checked on 2 PC's
There is nothing visible even no cursor

Please help
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CF Tech

Did you change any connections?

You might have somehow gotten a bad contrast setting stored in the EEPROM.

Try sending:


with WinTest.

Also check that the baud rate switches on the LCD match the baud rate on WinTest.


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Checked the baudrate, it is OK...
Tried the \009\000 option, no succes

How I wired the display...
Ground on ground (from pc)
+5V on +5(LCD) (from pc)
+5V on +5(LED) (from pc)
And serial cable form COM1 19200 Baud
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