634 Contrast


New member
Could someone please post the contrast and backlight
settings that are used to obtain the image shown on
the 634 product index page listed below:


We're using the 634-YMC-KS model in a product and
cannot get the display to resemble the picture shown
on this page under the label:
"Front View Yellow LED Negative Backlit, (CFA634-YMC-KS)"

The contrast and backlight control are functioning
correctly - we can change both, but have been unable
to find a pair of settings that match the picture shown
on the product page.

Thanks in advance,

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CF Tech

It has been a while since that photo was taken, but I believe that the backlight was set fairly low (10% 20%) and the photo was taken in fairly low ambient light.

If the backlight is turned up high, you will see the background start to lighten some.