634 boot screen......help it powers down


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Hello to all been hiding out reading finaly recieved my LCD and have a question .....I customized my boot screen with wintest.....it comes on after a sys reboot but then goes back off,......backlight and all.......how do i tell it to stay on? untill i launch a app? ... ..just the boot screen......with no pograms in the start menu. (i tried a few of the boot commands with wintest...no luck)

Thanx......so far this display has been plug and playfull...8o) No problems with install or defects 8o)

GA-7DXC gigabyte mobo 1.2 tbird 512ddr ram old trusty voodoo5 agp and yes win98 se (without the new and improved 3dfx killing directHEX 8.0012@#$#

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What is happening is that the BIOS or OS or something is out there messing around with the serial port, raising and dropping the control lines, which turns the LCD on and off, since it is powered by those lines in its default configuration.

What you can do is power the LCD section "from the molex" by connecting "+5v LED" and "+5v LCD" together.

This will take care of the module coming on and off. Your boot screen may still get buggered by the BIOS or OS "probing" the serial port for attached devices.

To avoid that give this procedure a try in WinTest:

1) Set up your boot screen the way you want it. Just use \031 if you are out of ideas.

2) Turn off "wrap":


2) Move the cursor to the right most edge of the screen on the top row (just use the arrow keys with WinTest).

3) Send the display one character (a space will do) so the cursor moves "off the right side of the screen". With the cursor in that "hidden" position, only a few characters (such as a "Carriage Return") will move the cursor back on screen. Therefore most characters that dribble out the port as the PC boots will get ignored.

4) Now save the screen:


5) Now tell it to boot up to the saved screen and leave it up indefinitely.