634 Backlight Question


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Alright I got the lcd and the serial cable but its not the same colors as on the site and also it doesn't seem to be as bright.
The serial # is skd204-634
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I forgot to add the question anyways, do I need and extra connector to make it get brighter or to the colors I saw online. And another question I have is for some reason lcdc doesn't setect it but it does work with yout propietary software can you tell me why
Thank You
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I got the 634 Serial yellow green backlight but right now it looks more like a blueish black with like a greenish/brown characters no light is being emitted from lhe lcd

CF Mark

Is it USB or Serial?

If its Serial, youll need to connect up the power cable to get the backlight working.

This isnt needed with the USB version as the USB cable supplies the power.

LCDC only supports MatrixOrbital LCDs.