634 and starting up


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is the 634 supposed to display a screen when power is applied to it? nothing is coming up on my brand new unit. having to RMA it will make me cry. I looked at the power cable and theres only two wires, was I shipped a wrong connector?
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CF Tech

USB or serial?

USB will not power up until the USB driver allows it (this is after the USB is enumerated and the host does power calculations).

Serial by default needs to have a serial cable conencted, and the port opened (by something like WinTest). That will put the text on the display. If the backlight is also connected, then backlight will also come on. The backlight will not come on by default even with the power cable connected.
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OK, thank you. It is the serial model, I'm putting a computer together for someone and I don't have most of the parts, just the case and the LCD. I wanted to get a picture of how good they look together and I wanted the backlight for the added effect, guess I'll have to wait until the rest comes in (today).

Thank you.