633 Wintest Source Incomplete


New member
The zip archive for the 633 wintest source appears to be incomplete. It's missing "TempsDlg.h" (and possibly some other things)

In any case, it can't be built...

Is there an updated zip archive available?
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You might want to try again.. I just doublechecked and didn't have any problems.

I did a fresh download of the zip (http://www.crystalfontz.com/software/633WinTest -> bottom of the page "Source + EXE: 633_WinTestSource_1_9.zip, 280K"), unzipped, and checked the folder for the TempsDlg header file you said was missing. It was there (3K) and contained the correct information.

I also doublechecked by opening the workspace and compiling. Again, worked just fine.

Try downloading the zip again.. could be that it got corrupted during the first download.