633 v1.4 works, 633 v1.5a doesn't, what do I do.


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We build a special purpose device that starts with a single board PIII and used the 633 as the display. The 633 1.4 works with a production unit, but when I plug in a v1.5a it just sits there showing the CrystalFontz logo and the version information.

Is there a driver change or something else I am missing?


Brian Hornaday
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<sigh> It was my fault, sorry for jumping the gun on the post.

All of the jumpers were set the same.

Apparently there is something in the computers boot file that stops the boot until it sees a network connection. The computer was never talking to the LCD, thus it wasn't writing the appropriate menu.

<ahem> never mind....:)

Brian H
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