633 the host doesn't get any report packets


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I wrote a java software to communicate with the CFA 633. It works fine with sending commands to the display.

But I never receive a report packet! For my Application it is important to receive a report packet if key on the keypad is pressed.
In the polling mode I see the pressed keys, but I don't get any report packets!

I think the CFA 633 should automaticly send a report packet (code 0x80) to the host if a key is pressed.
Yes, I turned the report key reporting (command 23) on...

Finaly I tested the key report functionality with the Crystalfontz 633 WinTest v0.6 software. I can't see any packte while I press a key on the keypad...

Why don't I get any report packets from the display?

Display Version: CFA633:h1.0,b0.6

Thanks for any comment...

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CF Tech

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly.

Please check that command 23 is being accepted by using "30: Read Reporting & Status" and verifying data[5] & data[6].


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hello my friend, can I see the java code, I need to write something similar, did you use any api or using comm api is enough to do something like this