633 temperature connector


New member
Where do i connect the temperature sensors to on the 633 display. I was looking at the tutorial and there is a 3 pin connector right next to the FAN1 connector. On my display there are just 3 golden holes on the circuit board, as if a connector is supposed to be there.
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CF Support

Thank you for your inquiry.

These are the parts that we currently recommend. We are working on a cabled sensor, it will use this connector:

Connector (pins mounted in LCD) for DOW: WM4801-ND (1 each)
Housing to to mate with above: WM2901-ND (1 each)
Terminals that crimp onto the wire, and snap into the housing: WM2513-ND (3 each)

Crimp tool (pretty sure this works): WM9999-ND

You can put the Digi-Key part numbers in at http://www.digikey.com for more information.
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