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I have a serial 633 display, and right now it is working out very well for me. It has everything and the kitchen sink installed on it, however, there are just a few things that I think could help a little bit- a USB or RJ45 interface, possibly another spot for a fan connector, and a molex connector on it which can be set to either on or off. It could be pretty handy for something like a neon light.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

*glares the arrow buttons on his 633 and waits for them to do something of interest*
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A few more suggestions-

Make an external USB 633 with buttons, but without the fan connectors.

Building off of the 633-

Put a total of 6 fan connectors on it, with the option to vary either the voltage or to use the pulsing method. I use some very strong 80mm fans (which would make a hair dryer sound puny) and get noise when running low speeds.

Put some function to the buttons!

Ship the unit with the ATX power supply control pins attached to the board. Soldering the pins on is not an easy thing to do, especially when it's just that easy to cook your $80 module.

Include the fan extension cables with the display. It would help greatly, and i'm sure they wouldn't cost much more then a quarter purchased in bulk.

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As software comes around to support the fans, we could certainly put together a package that includes the fan extensions and an ATX harness.

If you ask MWP, I think he is sending out beta versions of CC that support the 633. Is that what you are using for software already?

What is the part number of the fan you are using, do you have a link to purchase it?


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It's a Sanyo Denki 80mm fan 32m thick M/O number 109p0812a201. I was unable to find it on the list on their website, as I believe it must be an older model.
I think it spins somewhere around 5k RPM or faster, so it gets pretty noisy. I purchased at PCClub (PCClub.com) and it's described as "CPUFAN, SANYO DENKI 80X80x32 HIGH S" and is PCC item number A1903001, though why anyone would want to put something that makes a hair dryer sound sound a walkman on their processor is beyond me. (I have 2 of those and 2 120mm fans in my case, so it's **** loud full blast. I'll post some pics soon) If you need one, you could probably contact the nearest PC club there and request one be ordered. I think they're probably $20 or so.

As well, the 40mm CPU that I used to have on there was fairly noisy as well, but in the new setup I have, I just got the largest, most overweight heatsink I could find. (A Zalman of coarse) and the way I got it setup, I have a 120mm fan right above it to cool it down.:D

I'll check again and make sure it was that specific fan that was noisy once I get the system up and running. Hopefully it will be just a few days.

CF Mark

If you want to try the new 633 NT Service, Email or PM me.
The more people that beta test it the better ;)