633 suggestions and question


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first off I love the 633 and plan to buy 1 for my gameing rig after new years. excelent for the price , with more features than ne1 has ever offered. The accuracy of the temps is cool to , but if i might, a few sugestions.

1)adding 2 or more "standard" probe connections for monitoring things like coolant flow or inline water temp. (by standard i mean like those used by Digidoc, Innovatek, and others)

2)additonal fan headers would be a welcome plus also

3)a way to control each fan header with several temp sensor input readings

I do realize that the software issue may be taken care of in cc2 but if it is not a part of that program maybe it could be added?

of coures, what post is complete without a question.

How much affect would longer leads on the fan and temp. probe wires cause?? (say 6 ft?)

I know it would increase the overall resistance in these circuits, but only marginaly, right? Would it be enough to cause any problems?

I was consitering puting my 633 in an external 5.25 on my desk where it would be easier to monitor during games. I would use sleeving and heat shrink to protect the wires and probably just put the usb cable in with them, as i dont plan to move this pc when it is done.

Let me know what you think .
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Thanks for your kind words on the CFA-633.

For "standard" temperature probes, I would doubt that there really is a "standard". We would basically end up sourcing our own probes so we could guarantee that they work properly. Even then, it would be and much more involved to get an accurate repeatable reading. So at that point we would have to just end up supplying our own digital probes . . . oh . . . wait . . . we already do that :)

I have heard of one person getting a pulse output flow meter to be read as a tach signal into the CFA-633. Just set that fan's power to 100%, turn reporting on, then grab the calculator to convert between angular velocity and volume per time.

Hopefully once CC2 gets rolling, we can release an "advanced thermal control" plugin that would allow more flexible temperature control. No promises.

If you used a CFA-631 in an external enclosure combined with the often-rumored but still-not-released System Cooling Accessory Board for the CFA-631, you could mount the System Cooling Accessory Board inside the PC, and just extend the cable that goes between the System Cooling Accessory Board and the back of the CFA-631. The reason that this approach would be better is that the high currents of the fans would only happen inside the PC case, not all the way out to the external case and back.


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more details for this " SCAB"??

sorry to take so long to get back to you, working 6+7 12s a week kinda puts a damper on other activities . LOL

this 631 does sound like an interesting possability.
couple of questions though........

specs for the "scab"? # of fan headers? temp probes? type of temp probes?( hmmmmmm...dallas like with the 633 would be good. ) max power at fan headers?

what i am realy looking for is a controler/monitor with min of 6 fan headers each with their own temp probe to base speed off of.(customizable to 1C for low and high settings is excelent) Two of these need to be inline coolant sensors ( can a dallas possably be modded for this???)

it also needs to be able to monitor coolant flow. As you pointed out I could use fan reporting to monitor coolant flow (in that case I would need 8 fan headers .....LOL).

Not a must but would be nice to have the display cycle through the temps and fan % with the buttons programed to stop it on any given set .

IMO it should alert the user if any chosen settings are exceeded though. maybe by showing said setting and its current value in a flashing display to get attention?

All the additoinal system monitoring features of a CF lcd would be iceing on the cake.

As you can see your 633 is not far from what i am looking for . If I where just useing air cooling it would be great, but its missing a few things for a water cooling setup.

Let me know whatever you can about the 631 and the "to be released scab ".
It sounds promising.

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The SCAB brings out additional I/O on the CFA-631 to make it match the I/O on the CFA-633 (fans, temps, ATX/GPIO).

At this point, all the monitoring/seting/feedback/alarms has to take place in the host.


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so the lcd cant display the temps, yet, but it would be possable with a some software? Sorry I'm kind of lost there. I thought that was the main reason for the lcd.

Displaying the temps on a external right next to my monitor was why I thought about a external setup. Easier to see that way. If I cant do it externaly thats not a major problem but I do want to be able to monitor my temps on the lcd.

I dont have any problems with programing the settings through the pc but I wanted to be able to view them while Im gameing without opening another window.As far as the alarms.........o well. It shouldn't be a big problem. If the fans are set right I'll know somethins up when they start screeming.

Can 2 scabs be used with 1 CFA-631?
That would give me enough fan headers, and let me try out the flow sensors.

For that matter can a scab ( or 2 ) be used with any of the other bay kits?

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Using software, the display can show temps or whatever else you want.

There can only be one SCAB per LCD module.