633 problems


New member
I received my beautiful 633 with its bay and serial cable
I plugged power and serial connector in place of the mouse port (com1) ;)
I switched on the computer and download Crystalfontz software, nothing happen :confused:
Then i download Wintest and the same... just a message on my 633 : "Crystal fontz 633 HW1.2 FW1.0"
Well, i decided to go here to see if somebody has the same problem and it seems to be, but the answer is "handling a support ticket" or something like that. then i search more and find nothing, only a serial connection problem, but i use the cable deliver with the 633.

Then, where can i find more informations ? or somebody can help me ?

PS : I m using win98se
PSII : anybody has source to create a mp3 box with a pc and this front panel lcd ?

Thank you
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