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633 not working with LCDriver 1.2?


New member
I can't seem to get LCDriver 1.2 to talk to my 633 no matter what I do. The wintest program works fine and can control the text and backlight/contrast - but i get nothing from LCDriver, I am guessing that this is because the 633 is so new that support hasn't been added for it yet and since the author is busy working on 2.0 we can hope that rev will support the 633...?

valid assumptions?

has anyone else gotten the 633 to work with LCDriver 1.2?


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CF Tech

The 633 uses a different serial protocol, so LCDriver 1.2 will not be able to communicate with the 633.

I believe that LCDriver 2.x will have support for the 633.

Zayed Mustafa

New member
crystalfont's 633!!!

I just received my 633 today. But what ever I do Its just not working. Is there anyone who can tell me which software may work with this display. I have installedLCD driver 1.2 and others...
The display doesnt give me any letter. Please Help!!!!!:(

CF Mark

CrystalControl will display information on the 633.
No software i know of will use the buttons or fan control/monitoring yet.


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632 Display

Does this also relate to the 632?, I have just purchased a 632, and cannot get any programme to work with it except Crystalfonz only software which works fine.


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632 Display

The CrystalFontz software works a treat, but Smartie doesn't

With Smarrtie, the second line on the virtual screen is shown on the first line of the 632 display, and flashing cursor is shown on the second line !!

I have tried to load the software on 5 seperate occassions with the same result, running XP BTW