633 linux always...


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New machine, new LCD.

When I run the test code from the site, I get :
- Serial_Init : success
- 2 "Timed out waiting for a response"
- "Updated display. Now waiting for packets."
- Nothing displayed on the LCD (remains default)
- Nothing when I press any key

What should I test ? Or do ?

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633 USB, I assume? Which distro?

Provide as much information as possible and I'll do my best to help.


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Oops sorry for the lack of information

633 on serial port
The distro is a slackware 10.2.
Kernel 2.6.13

The serial port is at 115200 baud.
But I also tried at 19200 changing it by :
setserial /dev/ttyS2 baud_base 19200

I can't any other relevant information.
Just ask if you think of something I forgot.



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I am sorry. It had nothing to do with the 633.

Just in case someone run into the same problem one day :
There is apparently a problem in the serial driver that goes in the linux kernel, before version

So, just update your kernel to that version or above and everything should be ok.