633 keypad


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does the cc work with the 633 keypad yet also what is seti@home and where is it located on my pc still new to this lcd lark havent set mine up yet i was waitin for the borderfield software to be released version 2.0 but im sick of waiting so any help in setting mine up from scratch would be gratefull.:)
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CF Mark

No CC doesnt support the 633's keypad yet.
But work is being done on the version that will, so it shouldnt be too far away.

You would know if you had seti@home...
You need to install seti@home for that information in CC to work.

If your talking about LCDriver V2, Borderfield Software does make that. Borderfield make LCD Center, which they are not working on anymore.


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633 lcd

thanks for your quick response to my post that has cleared up a few things now i have just installed your cc software and i am quite impressed on how easy it is to use i have set up a few things already some requests i ask of it come up with e numbers for instance the new email option is it because i dont have seti setup then will i be able to use other features :)
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