633 Firmware


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I got my new 633 (with blue/white display). The start screen of the LCD says "HW v1.2 FW v1.0" like you can see it at the image on your website.
But with the Packet Debugger of WinTest I get "h1.0,a0.7". This means Hardware V1.0 and Firmware V0.7. The 'a' should be a 'f' (see the data sheet).

Could you explain what Version I have and what changes are especially in the firmware.

P.S. I also want to say Thanks for the fast delivery. I live in Germany. I ordered the display at Monday evening and at Friday I got it.
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CF Tech

The firmware is 1.0, the "a0.7" is incorrect.

The major change was that we corrected some "fringe" problems with fan RPM readings.