633 Feature Request -- Keypad backlight control


New member
We are trying out using 633 in a server appliance, which will always be ON. The 633 acts as the power switch as well.

To avoid burnout, we are not going to leave the display backlight ON all the time. Nonetheless, we would like to have a visual cue that the unit is ON or OFF. The best way to do that would be to leave the keypad backlight ON when the system is ON.

I assume that the keypad backlights are regular LED's with a much longer lifetime than the LCD display phosphor. It would be a greatly useful feature for us (and hopefully for others using the 633 in an always ON environment) if the keyboard backlight can be controlled independently of the LCD display backlight.

Currently, one option is to keep the display on without the backlight, but in a server room with several servers mounted in racks, the visual cue isn't that good to quickly scan for the systems that are ON or OFF.

Another option is to use panelmount a different LED on the server, but it will be best to have the 633 keypad light up as it is also our powerswitch.

-thanks and regards
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