633 Display Will Not Update


New member
I have a USB 633 with the ATX modification. The Crystalfontz and serial drivers installed properly and detected the 633. The WOL (purple) connector is tied to +5v (off the floppy power connector while testing).

The display initializes with the "Crystalfontz 633 / HW:v1.3 FW:v1.5 message. I have tried LCD Smartie and the Crystal Control program. The serial driver installed at 9600 bps. After testing I changed it to 19200 bps. However, the display never changes from the initialization message.

I have reviewed the documentation several times and have searched this forum but have not found a solution.

It is my understanding that the display should change once activity is detected on the USB port. So it would appear that either I am missing something that still needs to be connected or there is a hardware failure.

Any suggestions?

BTW, I tried connecting to a USB port on another computer and could not get a display either.
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