633 display System Volume in Windows


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Hello, I am new to display technology. I have obtained LCD module CF 633 with USB connection. I have it installed under Windows 7 32bit and working with CC2. It is installed in my HTPC.
Main purpouse of this module, is to display system Volume. I haven't found it in CC2 configuration, and according to other forums, it is not possible to get informations from WMI. Could somebody give me a hint?
My imagine is, to display number from 0 to 100 (as Windows), or bar on display.

Thanks for all answers

Petr Janousek
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CF Mark

You are correct, its not possible to get the information from WMI or any other existing CC2 plugin :(
Im adding system sound volume support to the sysinfo plugin at the moment.
If all goes well ill have it available for you shortly.

CF Mark

Here we go...
Attached to this post is a ZIP containing updated plugin files.

Stop CC2, then extract the contents of the ZIP into your CrystalControl2 directory replacing the existing plugin files.
After doing so, you should see a "Master Sound Volume" under System Info in the screen editor.
It reports a value in percent. You can use it with bargraphs, etc too.

It doesnt support setting/adjusting the windows sound volume yet though.

Let me know how you go with it.