633 Controlled, Watercooled Lian-Li


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Okay, here are some pics of my newly modded bad boy ;P

it's specs are...

CrystalFontz CF633 LCD
Lian Li PC-75 brushed aluminium case, Painted by me in a custom mixed blue paint that has car-style metalisation.
Eheim 1250 Pump (20lt/min flow)
Black Ice Extereme II radiator with two 120mm fans (108cfm each)
Silverprop Evolution S478 SE P4 CPU waterblock
Silverprop Cyclone Nexus LX Chipset waterblock

3Ghz Intel Pentium 4 HT 800Mhz FSB CPU
Asus P4C800 Deluxe Mainboard
1Gb Corsair PC3200 DDR Ram (2x512Mb Matched Pair)
SB Audigy Platinum Sound
Leadtek GeForce FX Ti 5900 Ultra 256Mb graphics
2x120Gb Segate SATA HDDs in RAID
1x60Gb Segate IDE HDD
Sony DRU-510A DVD Burner
Pioneer 16x DVD-Rom
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Where did you get the button interface next to the LCD screen from? I'm looking for something like that... and how much did it cost?




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Those buttons are standard on the CF-633 lcd module (look it up on this site), but at this time, they don't do very much at all. Still waiting on CrystalControl v2 to be able to make them do anything meaningful.


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thanks... too bad they don't sell them separately. I'm working with the large parallel displays and the keypads I've found so far are kind of ugly.


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One of these days I am going to strip the original PSU wiring out and make up my own sleeved and higher rated wires. Until I could be arsed doing it (and replacing my watercooler hoses while im at it) I tend to hide it. I also need to go adding viration dampeners all over the place, the pump and pulsing of the fans to keep the revs down causes the sides to vibrate and make about as much noise as the stock intel fan did, but also about 10x more annoying!


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it's running 6 fans in total, two normal style case fans in the front running in parallel with each other, another set of the same thing in the back, and two large 12cm 108cfm bad-boys on the radiator of the watercooling rig (see here) also in parallel with each other.

All the fans are speed regulated by the 633 and a couple of DOW temp sensors mounted on a couple of brass elbows before and after the CPU & Chipset waterblocks.

The system runs the fans pretty slowly usually since the water has a hard time getting over 25degC and if im doing some heavy compression or something it *MAY* get up to 30deg C if it's also a hot day.

The four normal fans all draw air into the case, and the PSU and Radiator fans blow it back out again, I also have the radiator mounted in the top of the case so it can aid venting any hot air trapped at the top of the case.