633 CC2 is currently not running


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Hi ppl,

Has anyone had this problem...

I am using CC2 20090331 linked to a CFA-633 and when I add the module in the configuration I get the note "CrystalControl2 is currently not running".
The Crystalcontrol logo is blue on my menu bar and if you hover the mouse over it it says that CC2 status is running.
I have downloaded 633_Wintest_1_9 to check the hardware and I can connect at 19200 and test everything as expected.

Comm port = native com1

Any ideas ?

I hope to use this on windows server 2008 but just testing it beforehand 8)

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OK , it seems you have to change the baud rate then exit the program ( totally exit it , stop it and kill it ! ) then re-start it.

Thanks for watching , try the veal.....