633 as a wall fixture?


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I just received my 633 LCD, wow!
It worked the first time I plugged it.

I programmed my MP3 server with the ncurse driver of LCDproc before I got the device itself, I just switched the driver and it worked out of the box!

I have a problem tough, I'm trying to install this device in a wall, anyone has ideas how I could do that? At first I tought maybe I could cut the template out of plexiglass, but it's too hard and not very nice. I just ordered the drive bay module, I think it's the best thing I can do.

Any other ideas? Here are pics:

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Hey d00d, I wanna know where you got those clips to hold up your LCD like that. That's the exact thing I need to do all my soldering work. Oh, and how much $$$? :-D