633 and Windows2000 Pro


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As the Subject says I have the 633 LCD and I'm running Win2k Pro. I have the LCD hooked up to a COM port and the power hooked up. I run the 633 WinTest program and I get nothing. I've tried all the COM, I've made sure the COM ports were configure properly, double checked that the cables were put in properly on the LCD and I get nothing. Any tips? Or any Links that will help me out? Thanks!
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If you have anything else that connects to the com ports, you could use that to verify your comm ports are working properly. Also, make sure you enable the comm ports in your Bios. Most Bios' don't automatically enable the comm ports. If your Bios is configured properly and you know something else runs fine on the comm ports, you may just have a bad lcd.

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I think jrmbadger is on track. 633_WinTest was written under W2K pro, so there should not be any conflict there.

You do have power connected? A standard 3.5" floppy power connector plugs directly into the 633. Just doing that without the serial at all should get the version screen up.

Make sure the red stripe on the 633's cable lines up with the white triangle on the 633's PCB.

The other end of the 633's cable should drop right into PC's COM port.
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