632 flickering backlight


New member
I just got my 632 and you should see the big grin on my face! This thing is sweet!

One slight problem though: The backlight seems to be flickering. Is it my imagination? Is this normal? The only thing that's close enough to the unit that might be causing any sort of interference is my DVD drive.

Any thoughts?...
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CF Tech

Try putting the backlight to 100% . . . does that make any difference?

Does the flicker seem to be in time to hard disk (or DVD/CDROM) activity (watch the HDD LED and the LCD at the same time). If so you might try a different power cable from your power supply.


New member
At 100% the flickering stops. When it is flickering it just seems to be random. No HDD or CD activity at the time either.

I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned with. Just curious if it's normal.
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