632 Display Problems


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I just installed my 632 on my computer, and cannot get it to work correctly. The LCD is installed in com3, but when I use WinTest or CC it does not display anything. When I use com 1, it displays random characters. I tried switching up the com ports, but it just made nothing display. I have tried re-installing the LCD many times with the same results. I checked the buad ratings to make sure they were the correct. Any help would be greatly appericated, thanks.
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CF Tech

You think it is conencted to COM 3 and it does something when the software is set to on COM 1?

Is the COM 3 an add-on serial port (like a PCI card or something)?
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99% of the time 'random characters' are a result of the wrong baud rate being used. What baud rate are you talking to the LCD at? Also, check and make sure that the DIP switches on the back of the LCD are both in the 'on' position, then communicate with the LCD at 19200kbps