632 - Atmel micro interface ?


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Okay, like I'd mentioned earlier my LCD is only displaying partial characters (say 2/3 of the entire character). so i just want to make sure my connections are okay.

i'm interfacing a 632 to an Atmel micro (163, now the Atmel 16). i'm using the UART without an RS-232 chip so i've soldered the connections that set the LCD up for inverted 0-5V signal. Anything else required for this?

i think the connections are fine, because the boot screen is also screwed up. but just wanted to run it past everyone. Thanks
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CF Tech

If you can see "most" of the data then the connection is probably OK. Support will contact you about replacing the display that only shows partial characters.


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Did you check a few jumpers?

Make sure you have setup the jumpers on the 632 properly, you want the 0-5 volt logic selection and you want to invert the data because your not using a level shifter which would do that.

Good luck
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