631 Randomly Resetting Problem


New member
I have a CFA-631 display connected to a Windows XP Service Pack 1 PC via an IO Gear 5-port USB card. For several months the display worked flawlessly and I loved it. However, recently it has developed a serious problem. The display now rapidly turns on and off, sometimes two or three times per second. When the display turns back on it displays the CrystalFontz boot-up logo. Neither restarting the CrystalControl software (v1.7) nor rebooting the PC solve the problem. The only thing that helps is to click the "Test Settings" in the CrystalControl settings window. This will cause the rapid power-cycling to cease and return the LCD display to normal operations... for a few minutes. Then the power-cycling resumes. I have tried reconnecting all of the cables, I have upgraded the USB driver to the latest version, and I have double-checked all of my Windows settings. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
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