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Just got a 631, Love it! It was too easy to install! The Crystal Control software is almost a no-brainer to operate.
Since I love tweaking fiddling and modding, this has left me unsatified, as this project went too easy!

I see this neat little connector on the back of this screen here and was wondering if I could get the Pin diagram. :cool:

From reading the forums I see that there is an expansion board for this slot in the works. Is there any news, hints, oders drifting through the air regarding this option board? Do you have any preliminary info, approximate sizes, pictures, sketches on the back of a beer coaster? I'm thinking of doing a custom mounting for my LCD but space at the back would be limited with my current plan. I want that board when it comes out!

I see that CC V2 is in beta testing... I understand that it is very limited from the user interface side of things. I would love to get my hands on a copy of it and participate in the beta program. I have participated in a couple of beta testing programs before and would willingly agree to non-disclosure. I'm no PC programmer (I just program Co-ordindate measuring machines and other automation at work) but I do like to fiddle and do research.
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gotta play some more with the pictures and show the front of the case (Now with a 631 in the drive bay, but thinking of moving it to a custom spot in front of the case).

Thanks for a great product!
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Thanks for the kind words.

The System Cooling Accessory Board is in the works . . . still no "official" date, but it is getting closer.
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