631 Purchasing Options and Question


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Well.. I think the 631 is what I'm after. Like I asked in the 633 "USB" thread though, I don't like the metal casing used to keep the LCD in the floppy driveslot.

So i guess first... Is it possible to buy the 631 without that metal frame?

Next.. What's the difference between the 631 USB LCD 20x2 +Keypad (CFA631-TMF-KU1) and 631 USB LCD 20x2 +Keypad (CFA631-TMF-KU2)?
As far as I can see, it's just the cable you're using to connect it with, right? (WRUSBY03 or WRUSBY11)

Thanks in advance!
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CF Tech

Yes, the only difference is the cables supplied.

There is no way to seperate the CFA-631 from its frame, the whole unit is integral. It may be possible to remove the mounting rails close to the PCB . . . that would involve cutting metal very close to the electronice though, which would have to be done carefully.


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Well.. I found the other thread with the "Void your Warranty" link, and I think that's what I possibly could end up doing. I'd have to think about that one though. Thanks for all the help guys! :)