631 installation problem


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I bought a 631... it must have been years ago, maybe 2004.
I never used it for the project at the time, and am hoping to get it working in an upcomming build.

Anyways, I've installed the USB driver, plus the serial driver okay. Both show up in device settings fine.
When I start wintest, I get the old "looking for module . . ." problem.

Now, i'm not the newest person on the internet, I did search previous problems so here's what i've done so far.
1. There is no hardware conflicts in the device manager for either "Crystalfontz CFA631-USB" or the port entry for the same name.
2. I've moved it to different ports, 5, 9, 10, etc.
3. I've checked the power output from the headers on back of the board: red is 5v strong.
4. The JP2 IS soldered, it came that way. No I don't have an addon board thing for it.

The display comes on strong when plugged in displaying:
Crystalfontz 631
HW v1.0 FW b1.1

Yeah the hardware and firmware are old... Any clues on the problem? Maybe I need to roll back to a really early driver?
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CF Tech

Sounds like you are doing it right. To my knowledge, the drivers are backward compatible.

Be sure to try both baud rates.

Other than that, we could have you send it back and we can get it sorted on this end.
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CF Tech

Well, we are not really open to the public. But if you call and ask for Brent between 9 and 4 on Monday I can meet you and get you with the tech support folks that can figure it out.