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631 init of com3 failed


New member
I have installed a 631 in my computer. Sometimes, when I enter windows xp, I get the following message "Init of com 3 failes. The module will be disable until it is reconfigured." When I get this message, I have (!) this signe on the Crystalfonts cfa631-usb line under the usb bus controller in windows and I no longer have the unit listed under the com port. This is an intermitent problem. It makes this problem 1 every 4-5 times I reboot the computer. What I do to make the lcd work is point the display where the drivers are and then, it start to work ok. Can someone help me.
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New member
Thanks but now, how do I install these drivers. There isn't any install file. Do I overwrite the files already installed in the folder CrystalFonzt Usb Driver?

CF Support

You go into the device manager, and update the drivers for each respective device, pointing it to the location with the new drivers.