320x240 graphic lcd question.


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Hi all,

I'm considering trying one of these lcd's, but with all of the features on it, it is currently rather intimidating - I was wondering if anyone has a simple breakdown on making one work before I invest in one.
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CF Tech

Can you tell us a little about your application? What microcontroller are you using? What kind of product is it going into?


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It would actually be interfaced into a 65816 microprocessor controlled system rather then a microcontroller. it will be displaying information about data collected, request information, etc.

It's a fairly basic item - I was just going to use a 128x64 display I bought from you, but after some discussions, a larger display was decided on - either a 240x128ish , or a 320x240 - color was talked about, but it was decided that it added too much complexity for what was required.