32 Test Voltage IDs for 634/5


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Following a request from a user needing new IDs for fans 4,5 and 6 in his system...... We also now proudly present 32 test Voltage IDs only, so you can discover which are the working ones in your system. From this information a screen can be made up with the correct IDs used to give the Voltages you require.

These are seperate test screens with four ID`s per screen from 1-32. If one id=[E01] then it isn`t being sensed. If it has a number followed by V then it is being sensed. Read the Id (test) number (ID6 for example), open that screen with notepad and look at ID6 to get the true ID number 12145425852 for example.

Find the rest of the voltages you have showing in Speedfan in the same way then all you need is a screen making up with those ID numbers to see your correct voltages.

Supplied at default with CC2 are voltages 1-4 and 5-8. Using the test routine I found four of my voltages on 1-4 and 4 more on the new 9-12, with none on 5-8. Thus, for those packing quite a bit of hardware into their cases this then could be quite a useful utility. Thankfully CF allow us up to 32 IDs, this just helps to detect and utilise them.

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