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16x2, 20x2, 20x4: Winamp Song Name + 2-channel Spectrum Analyzer screen set

CF Tech

Winamp Song Name + 2-channel Spectrum Analyzer screen set

On a CFA-631:

On a CFA-632:

On a CFA-635:

Author: daks001

Screen zip file: Winamp_Song_Name+Spectrum_Anyl_2_channel.zip

Install Instructions:

Copy the screens out of the zip into the: C:\Program Files\CrystalControl2\cc2-config\screens directory, add them to your module.

Included are 16x2, 20x2 and 20x4 screen files.

The 20x4 screen has keypad *events* to allow you to turn the volume up/down and next/previous song. If you want these functions in the 16x2 or 20x2, copy/paste the event sections into the appropriate 16x2 or 20x4 screen definition files.

Development thread: Part of the User Screen Syntax Manual.
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