License on linux port of 633 code?

David D

New member
What is the license on the linux-port of the 633 code? I've integrated it into XMMS (it displays the songs, has control features, and other cool stuff), but of course I can't distribute it unless the license for the 633 code is compatible with the GPL (i.e., public domain, BSD license w/o advertising clause, or GPL).

If it's a compatible license, I'll post a tarball of it (although it's in a very, very ugle state at the moment).

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CF Tech

I suppose if can be GPL. What is involved in making it GPL?

As long as no one sues us, they can use it for pretty much whatever they want :)
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David D

New member
Here's the GPL license and information file (COPYING). In addition to the license itself, it includes information on how to apply the license to piece of software.