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Humidor CL Server


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That is awesome. And yeah I see the little 631 in there. I love the Wireless antennae on the back. And of course the Case is gorgeous. Great job!


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that looks awesome! I am a large fan of your server -- I have two flip top walnut humidors in my office and never thought of doing something like that. Make sure you tell us how everything goes at CES


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dhallag said:
Make sure you tell us how everything goes at CES
Awesome show! Much bigger than last year. I made the Inquirer.net news here.

Right before the show I got mail from Popular Science magazine asking to do an article on it. They shipped it from Florida (here) to New York and then on to Las Vegas in time for the display.

I got a full page in the March issue of Popular Science. It will be on newstands around Feb 15th.

I made sure they spelled Crystalfontz correctly Brent. OK?