Displaying character on CFAF320240


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can some one tell me how to display characters and String on LCD modul CFAF320240F-?
I´m able to display RGB color using the demo code from Crystalfontz home page.
Where can i get a library for SSD2119 ?
The write_data () function from demo code can display only colors.

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Thank CF Tech,

plaese can u send me a sample code how to prepare this data and how to display them using the write_data function?

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Your display is a graphical display without any internal ROM to store a font. As you can set colors, you can easily create your own function to draw characters. I guess the driver proposed by CF tech costs some money.

How to do that? Well ... that very much depends on the environment you use the display in. Is it attached to a parallel interface of a PC or a ARM or a small microcontroller. How much RAM do you have? Do you have mass storage? .....

As you already can set colors, you can have a table where you store all the pixels that need to be set for each character. You need functions to set position of the next pixel that you want to send - I think the demo code always fills a full screen? And it would be helpful to have a function which sets the display window, because then you don't need positioning to often.

So, writing one character then means:
1. set the window to the place where you want to have the character with height and width of your font
2. set the start address to the corner of that window
3. loop over the pixel-data of the character you want to write
4. if current pixel bit is 0 write the background color
if current pixel bit is 1 write the text color

Writing a whole string means to loop over the string and call the character writer.

Easy, isn't it? ;o)