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comments on xmas screen builder


New member
Very sweet. I'm having to rebuild my VMware monitor LCD and this is very helpful. A few comments.

Things like the Performance Monitor list box... can you add a "Previously Cataloged" expandable list to the top, so that items that have already been assigned an ID can be reused? I've got a couple of things that are used multiple times (like CPU data which is used in horizontal bars and histograms alike) and its really annoying to have multiple instances of those performance counters. I assume the same thing applies to other kinds of plugin catalogs so this might be useful all around.

The screen editor should have gizmos for the buttons like on the 635 if they exist (disabled if not).

There should be a page added to the 635 LCD config panel for programming the LEDs if possible.

Small bug: changes to the histogram size fields (the thing that defaults to 2x20) don't get stored if they are changed by keyboard--they are only stored if the mouse is used to increment the values.
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Another nice feature would be to be able to drag and drop existing screen files onto the main scroll list. My VMware monitor has ~35 screens, and it takes a long time to add->load->ok for all of them.