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CFAG160160BTMIVZ display problem


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I purchased 2 CFAG160160BTMIVZ. I started program a CFAG160160BTMIVZ a week ago. I set the input voltage as suggested from the datasheet, vdd=5, v0=-12.5, vss=0 (ground). It had been working well for about 5 days. It displayed graphs and characters perfectly. Two days ago, it did work properly, after I tried for 1 hour. I decided to use the other new one, I got similar display but more pattern. the input voltage and current (read from the power supply, 120mA)are the same as before. I modified my program a little, but not the part that i use to control the LCD unit. I checked the ports of my microcontroller, everything seems ok. here are what I got under different circumstances,
1. after turn-on, and initialized by the program, the right half of the screen are "on", left side has some response to the commend sent from by the program but not correctly. for example I set it to draw a horizontal line from (0,0) to (160,0), this line breaks in the middle of the screen and continues from the second row; and breaks again somewhere; and continues from the third row. when i try to draw a character, it seems that it does response to the commend but just doesnt display correctly.
2. after turn-on, i see a white line/band sweep down from top to bottom repeatedly. and the response to the commend is similar.

any suggestion? Thank you!
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Post all the values that you use in your program to initialize the display. Especially, what is the value for Nx, the duty cycle, and Hn, the horizontal byte length.


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Thanks for the reply. you are right. That's the setting of Hn. I inactivated that commend. but somehow the program is still working while the LCD, the Microcontroller, and the PC are stilling running. after I took a lot more modifications, which is not the cause of the problem, and rebooted the system (including the LCD and Microcontroller) that malfunction occurred. (why?) so I thought it was the latter modification cause the problem and didnt realize that it was the missing Hn setting.