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CFAG12864B Problem


New member
I have been working with a CFAG12864B-WGH-V. So far I've found that the necessary delays are far greater than advertisized in the data sheet. That isn't my problem though. I am able to fairly consistently output expected data on the left side of the screen, but the right side always differs. For instance the pattern created when writing 0xf0 to the entire display should show horizontal stripes of width 4. On the left side I see this, however, the right side displays 4 stripes of width 4 rather than 8 on the left side and the stripes on the right side alternate with those on the left.

IE. left right

||||||||||| |||||||||||


||||||||||| |||||||||||

Am I missing something? Is there any documentation in addiiton to the data sheets which seem pretty light on detail?

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