CFA735/CFA835 in a XES635 Enclosure?


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I purchased a used XES635 off evilBay and noticed it has a much older CFA635 rev 1.1, firmware v1.4.

I realize the CFA735/CFA835 both have a different USB connector than the CFA635, but I was wondering if a CFA735/CFA835 will fit inside a XES635 enclosure.

The dimensions are ever so slightly different, but the mounting holes seem to be the same.

CFA635: 142mm x 37mm x 20.8mm
CFA735: 142mm x 38mm x 21.0mm
CFA835: 142mm x 38mm x 20.8mm

UPDATE: I also noticed on my other XES635 there are two ground pins installed on two of the CFA635 mount holes to ground the module to the enclosure. I presume these are to prevent static discharge from damaging the electronics when touching the enclosure or buttons.
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CF Kelsey

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The 735/835 will fit in the XES enclosure, but the XES case is not particularly easy to work with.

Yes, it's important to ground the display to avoid ESD damage.

I assume you're looking to swap the module in your case yourself, but we have sold XES835s as custom parts (with no MET certification), so if you're interested in that, send an email to our support team at: