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CFA-910 USB Device Port CDC ACM Serial Driver

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The CFA-910 has a USB MicroAB port on its main board (aka the CFA-10022). This port can be used as a USB device port (with the included cable) or a USB host port (with a specialized USB MicroA adapter).

The default mode of this port is that of a USB device acting as a USB Communications Device Class Abstract Control Model (USB CDC ACM). This simply means that it conforms to a USB standard that is easily represented as a communications device or a serial port in most operating system. It performs in this mode courtesy of the USB Gadget driver that is part of the CFA-910's Linux kernel (and the Linux kernel as a whole). In the current install, getty, the linux Login tty attaches to /dev/ttyGS0 (the first gadget serial tty) and provides the user with a login prompt. You can change these behaviors by modifying /etc/inittab and /etc/default/usb-serial.

Connecting the CFA-910's USB MicroAB port to another computer with the included cable is straightforward. Operating systems such as Linux or Apple's OS X come with the necessary drivers that this connection is represented as a serial port. On Linux this is represented as /dev/ttyACM* (where * is some number). On OS X it is represented as /dev/usbmodem* (where * is some number). Microsoft Windows does not come with a USB CDC driver that works out of the box, see http://www.lvr.com/usbfaq.htm. We have written a Windows driver that will work with the CFA-910 and provide better performance, see attached for an alpha version of the driver that will work with Windows XP and later.
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