CC2 and Windows 10


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Looks like windows 10 had done VERY BAD THINGS to CC2.

I can't get it to start automatically or run well at all...any ideas?

I had to put Speedfan in Task Scheduler to get it to run.
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CF Mark

I just attempted to do some more CC2 and Win10 testing... the Win10 start menu stopped working.
So once i'll get (another) reinstall of Win10 done, ill get back to you about this :)


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Running Windows 10 with a CFA-635 installed on COM3. Running the beta. When I configure for a 635 I get the following:

CrystalControl2 is not currently running or is not configured to use this LCD module. Any new attached temperature sensors cannot be configured until you click "Add/Modify" button below and then restart CrystalControl2

CC2 is running, I've restarted it 10 times, I've picked the COM Port and let it auto pick and ensured it was running at the right COM speed (115200) and even updated that speed in the Device Manager (it was set at 9600). What am I missing?

EDIT: On boot I just got and error about a missing DLL causing CC2_config.exe not being able to launch. Missing DLL was: wxbase29_vc_cc2.dll
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