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Win7 64bit CFAH2004ATMIJP


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Hey guys,
I got soldered my CFAH2004ATMIJP to the LPT Port with the tutorial from this website.
But now it only shows two bars about the whole first and third row.
I have tried to configure CC2 with module type of the HD44780, because I think it's compatible to the SPLC780D, but the display does not react.

please help me:)
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The two bars of black cells in the first and third rows is the symptom of an uninitialized display. This means you probably have a wiring error, or a port configuration problem, or a software problem.

CF Mark

CrystalControl2 doesnt have any 64bit IO support, so this display will not work :(
It probably wont even work under Vista/Win7 32bit.

HD44780's are now very rarely used since most PC's dont have printer ports anymore.
This is the first question asked about supporting one in quite a few years.


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thank you,

Im now running a virtual xp, but crytsalcontrol2 crashes always if I start it,
and CFAH_WinTest takes no effect on all 3 adresses. the Port95nt driver is successful installed.
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CF Mark

Unlikley :(
Ive never heard of a USB->Parallel port adapter working.

Sorry, but HD44780 support in CC2 just hasnt been maintained/tested for a long time and probably wont be in the future.
Its still in use on some old 95/ME/XP PC's which is the only reason why its still included.