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Hi all, I have a Access Virus KB (, that recently had the display burn out. After going through pain with there service center here in America & already receiving the wrong display... I have decided to take matters into my own hands & do it myself. Anything said will be VERY much appreciated...

The original display is a yellow backlit 16x2 character display & fits the dimensions of these
( Now i dont have the data sheet for the original. But i do have the specs of a compatible blueline display(Im wanting a blue or red display). First off... here are pics of the original display.

This here may be enough to tell if it will work. In the last bmp this is detailed on the back of the display. tg5v-0 94v-0 . 5v voltage right? & 94v is the maximum current?

Here is the blueline display from , specs translated with babelfish(hehe)
equipped with Controller HD44780 or compatible
2x16 - 5.55mm(character height) - 84x44mm(PCB outline) -
2x16 CHARACTER, 5,56mm, BLUE / WHITE, LED LIGHTING EA E162-NLW FRONT FRAMEWORK SUITABLY (WINDOW 60,0x14,8mm) LED stream 15..40..60mA external pre-resistor at pin 15 and 16 necessarily
These specs were taking from ( - scroll down to 2x16 - 5.55mm - 84x44mm - EA E162-NLW )

From what I have learned about this it looks to me like it the displays at crystal font will work. one thing i should note, is that the only difference between the green and the blueline is the crossed power supply for the
backlight (+ is - and - is +).

Well, what do you guys think?
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Ok, so i see people are reading post but not responding. maybe i am leaving out information? Im new the the LCD world, but i have been studying it, im now interested in doing other things with it. Would somebody be so kind to tell me what I may be leaving out? Are there any consequences in trying the display besides burning it out?

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It is odd that an LED backlit LCD display would "burn out". Typically they last a very long time.

Does the display lshow anything? Are you sure it is LED backlit? Maybe it is EL backlit, those grow dimmer over time (but are typically not yellow). Is there about +4.2 Volts DC on the A & K pins, or over 100 Volts AC? AC would mean EL.

If you are going to replace it, I think you are on track. Nothing we could guarantee, of course. When you connect the backlight, just switch pins 15 & 16 and it should be OK.

The CFAH1602A-AGB-JP might look cool in there: