CFAG16080A-TMI-TZ question...


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I think my wiring, reasoning, or both are flawed. I cannot get the unit to power up.

I apply Vdd (5 V) to pin 2 and GND to pin 1. I then take a 10 K pot and connect two terminals to Vdd and GND, respectively. The wiper is connecter to pin 3.

(Vdd - Vo) in this case, however, is not sufficient enough to power the LCD. And, even without the connection, the negative voltage output is almost twice than what is written in the manual.

What am I doing wrong?
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You need to connect the pot to pins 2 (Vdd) and 18 (Vee), with the wiper to pin 3.

I'd expect the Vee output to be about -10v, I think the -5v listed in the data sheet is probably wrong. Vo should be adjusted to about -8.5v initially.

I'm not familiar with this display, just using the clues in the data sheet.